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The composition sounds good, I can definitely see it in a video game.
Only downside would be the brass / horns which sounds way too midi compared to the other instruments. If possible try to amp up the sound quality on them.

Good job!

Calamaistr responds:

The fidelity is intentionally toned a bit on what you call horns/brass, in reality there is only a trumpet. :P
I didnt want it to sound to orchestral because i added in some chip accents to represent my style(s) better.

Thanks :)
(also theres alot of things i'd like to polish now but i dont want to cheat and just leave it like it is)

Really cool sound. What program do you use to create these sounds? I'd love to try some myself.
The melody is great, I love the song, feel, everything. New but still nostalgic.

Keep it up!

Bloodtype8 responds:

Tjena Skitarg! :)
I use Renoise combined with a bunch of great vst-instruments. For blip blip sounds I would recommend you to visit woolyss.com, some great stuff there. Other than that, I like some of Native Instrument's software.

Thank you for your positive comment!

I like it!
It's got a nice attitude, and it's noticeable you make an effort in the song to stand out and make something new and interesting. It pays off.
However, at parts the different melodies kind of intertwine and it's kind of confusing so to say.
Try to keep a red line instead in where the song's headed. But the overall feel of the song is awesome!

Nickabooticus responds:

Glad you like it! And I will keep your advice in mind!

The sound quality is phenomenal.
What program / plugins etc did you use?

Keep it up!

DanJohansen responds:

None.. it's all played. Glad you like it!

I'm very unfamiliar with Drama / Spoken word voice acting and not quite sure what it's about, if this is some kind of art or an example of voice acting in general.
I'll give you my impression anyway;

Your voice isn't bad, but it becomes a bit monotonous after a while.
It need a bit more... drama, 'yknow. It needs like bigger tone changes, a bit more audible commitment to what you're talking about..
I dunno.

PIED3 responds:

Well i'm not sure what the rest of the genre is like but this is definitely closer to art for me than it is an example of voice acting. I'm not really a voice actor and I only read my stuff for lack of anybody else (or anybody else as reliable, close-at-hand, etc.) I'm more concerned with the content/concept than I am the voice acting. However, I'm always glad to get advice! Thanks for the reviPr

Sounds great! I like the background guitar (?) that comes in at 1:21.
Such details make a song.

rosenrotR responds:

Thanks a lot!
Background guitar isn't the name i allowed to the track you speak, i called it "Celtic Melody", but anyway.
Thanks again, good continuation on Newgrounds

Riktigt skönt sound! Bra sångare :)

Lundsfryd responds:

Mange tak, er glad for at du syntes om det :)

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